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Ed Stackhouse, BA

Ed Stackhouse, BA

Ed Stackhouse, BA

Ed has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Geography/Economics from Simon Fraser University. He is also a certified Traffic Control Person and St. John Ambulance First Aid attendant. Ed has worked in traffic data collection for the past seven years; five as Data Coordinator for Bunt & Associates. Here, Ed’s responsibilities included; recruiting, training, and managing a pool of up to eighty surveyors. Being responsible for the creation of data files and exhibits, Ed is also familiar with Excel, Corel, and Jamar software.

Ed has also applied these skills in our community, where he has helped manage a pool of workers at Habitat for Humanity, as well as coach a team of adolescents for Steve Nash Basketball.

Whether basketball coach, or traffic surveyor, the most important knowledge is that of client needs! That is why, at The Appian Way Traffic Data Services, we guarantee the most accurate data possible, on, or before, time.

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