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Houston Crossfire Installation

This past fall was another busy season for The Appian Way. In our quest to use innovative equipment that is superior in both effectiveness and convenience , we found the Houston Crossfire radar sensor to be particularly useful. This is a truly innovative device! As you may have read here, the Crossfire is comparable to road tubes in accuracy. For convenience and range of application, there is no comparison. I have used this unit everywhere I previously used road tubes. Further its suitability for six-lane roadways makes it very effective on freeway applications; something for which road tubes are not designed. Finally, installation and set up of this unit takes a matter of only a few minutes, as illustrated in the following video:

crossfire installation

I’m excited to have found an innovative product which can replace road tubes. While the Crossfire is comparable in accuracy to tubes, it is otherwise superior. As you may have noticed, it is incredibly simple to set up. It is also much more dependable than tubes: there are no hardware concerns. Further, as there is no need to enter the roadway, it is much safer. Finally, unlike inductive loops, it is movable. I anticipate using this sensor more in future..