Transportation Data Services

Fall 2016

For the first time, survey data was collected for a substantial program primarily with our new Black Cats.

2016 Black Cat

Following is a comparison study of one of this years more challenging locations; a busy four-lane, one-way, street. The count was conducted with our Black Cat Generation 2 Radar detectors, one on either side of the roadway, and calibrated with our Houston Crossfire:

blanshard comparison study

For comparison purposes, we chose the Crossfire, rather than tubes, as we believe it to be more accurate. Its results are not skewed by the coincidental hits associated with tubes, nor the occlusion that may be associated with surface mount radar units.

blanshard comparison study

An error of roughly 3% confirms the Black Cat’s ability to accurately survey busy roadways of up to eight lanes! This is a considerable accomplishment for a surface mount radar unit!

Even more exciting is the ability of the Black Cat to accurately classify vehicles, including bicycles! This will be the subject of my next blog.