Transportation Data Services

Black Cat Installation

The Appian Way is excited to announce the newest addition to our inventory of radar sensors: the Black Cat Radar Recorder! This sensor is manufactured by CA Traffic and designed to replace their Radar Recorder. As with the previous Radar Recorder, this new Black Cat records traffic in two lanes. However, it’s greatest advantage over the previous model is it’s ability to record two lanes of traffic, in the same direction. Thus, with two units, it is capable of surveying four-lane roadways. Combined with our Crossfire sensor, this gives The Appian Way considerable flexibility in the survey of high volume roadways and freeways. Further, the other major advantage of the Black Cat is it’s ability to classify, as illustrated in the following video:


Black Cat installation


Advancements in the Black Cat’s algorithms have resulted in much improved length accuracy: 95% according to manufacturer specifications. Finally, like the Crossfire, installation and set up is amazingly simple. The ability to accurately record volume, speed, and length, combined with its ease of operation, makes the Black Cat a very powerful sensor! Please follow future blogs for length comparisons with other technologies.